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Care and Support

We care for each other's deepest needs: physical, emotional and spiritual.

Jesus said, I am the Good Shepherd. The Good Shepherd gives his life for his sheep.

The Good Shepherd moves in the midst of a faithful covenant community. Thus, pastoral care is a community responsibility. We equip and encourage our parishioners to stand with one another in times of need.

Our first line of pastoral care are our Small Groups. A person in a Christian Formation Group experiences ongoing support. Strong bonds of friendship form in Christian Formation Groups through regular sharing of faith. In a time of personal crisis this foundation in mutual care provides the basis for a high quality of care.

If you are not in a Christian Formation Group, we strongly encourage you to find one. Why wait for a personal crisis to discover the great value of the support of faithful friends?

Once in a while a person may experience a crisis that rises beyond the Christian Formation Group's ability to help. At such times we encourage that person, or someone in his or her Christian Formation Group to contact the parish staff for additional support.


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