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Small Groups

We must not quit meeting together, as some are doing. No, we need to keep on encouraging each other. This becomes more important as you see the Day getting closer. ~ Hebrews 10:25 (ERV)

Small Groups...The Key to Connecting at St. David's

Here at St. David’s, we are blessed to have so many people who participate in making this community not only possible, but a warm and welcoming place—a place where God’s transformational work can be done!

ImageA key building block of faith for many at St. David’s is participation in a small group. All teams are led by parishioners who volunteer their time and talent to welcome others and guide sharing of selves, prayer, and discussions of how to live our faith in this complex world.

Small groups: Shepherd, Covenant, and Bible Study
When: weekly or bi-weekly
Make-up: women, men, mixed, families

Many groups follow a reflection guide provided by the parish office that begins with a moment of silence followed by: a prayer, sharing of a personal high and low for the past week, discussion of a real life issue informed by faith, a Gospel reading, a discussion of its meaning and how it relates to everyday life, and then closing in prayer.

  • The groups encourage and support friendships, a deep reflection on our faith and what it means to live as followers of Christ.
  • Deep bonds form when you share your life with a small group week by week. Many groups have been meeting for years and continue to welcome new members with open arms.
  • All of us in small groups invite you to join this rich and meaningful ministry by calling the parish office or by contacting a team leader.

You are Invited to "Get Connected"

A list of all existing small groups can be found Small Group Leader link at the top of this page. In addition, as need arises, new groups are forming. The published list includes the format of the group, as well as contact information for the current group leader. If these groups do not fit your schedule or if a personal introduction would be more meaningful to you, please contact Meredith Obert at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Hear What Others are Saying

“I've been going to small groups meetings for 3 1/2 years. I was new to St. David's and had just completed six months of chemotherapy for ovarian cancer. I was searching for a way to give thanks to the Lord for my recovery and a meaningful way to be involved in parish life. I joined a group of women who had been meeting for a number of years and was hesitant to talk about my struggles and my faith. I was sure that I was an outsider who would not fit in with this group of faithful ladies. They enveloped me with love and caring and showed me by example how to begin a spiritual walk with Jesus. These years later, I have welcomed new women to the group and we have cared for an supported each other through life changes as children move on to college or get married, through sadness as many have lost parents or close friends, through joy as we have welcomed grand-children, new job opportunities, and retirement. These ladies are now my sisters, my closest and dearest friends, and my spiritual guideposts. We meet week after week with laughter and tears; it is a richness that is offered up to you.”

“...my spiritual guideposts. We meet week after week with laughter and tears; it is a richness that is offered up to you.”

“My small group is my community of sisters...in a profoundly deep and meaningful way. I believe that each of us has come to know Christ in a deeper and more personal way.“

“The conversations are rich and varied as we each have walked a very different faith journey.”

“I didn't really feel connected until I joined a small group... Being in group made me realize how honest and real the people at St David's are and that I don't have to have a perfect life in order to be accepted there… group made me realize that we all have ways we can support each other, no matter what stage of life and family we are at, and that it's so important to share emotions and prayer with each other so we can all feel included in our faith community.”


Small Group Leaders

Small Group Leader List

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