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ImageTheresa Luby
Sr. Warden
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My name is Theresa Luby and it is my privilege to be serving on the St. Davidís Vestry. My husband Joe and our daughters Megan (13) and Grace (6) have been residents of Ashburn since 2002. We came to St. David's for our children by way of the preschool in 2006. Soon after, it became clear that the school is an extension of the church and the loving community that existed there. The joy in worship here was overwhelming to me and I knew that I wanted to make St. David's my church home.

When we made the decision to commit to this community, we jumped right in and we have never looked back. As a mom, I feel that it is important to show my girls how to be engaged with their church community. I started this path for myself by joining a weekly small group - a commitment I still make today. Where we can, we get the girls involved from Choir to GIRLS group to Youth Group.

It is also important to me that we try to instill in the girls a spirit of service. I started my volunteering here at St. David's on the Communications Ministry. Since then, I have worn many hats. I was a co-lead of the Sunday school. I led the Communications Ministry for two years. I co-led the GIRLS group. Currently, I am a co-lead VBS and the Quilt Ministry. I am also a Lay Eucharistic Visitor seeing a woman in Leesburg every other week to bring her Communion, the Word and some much needed fellowship. As time permits, I also like to roll up my sleeves for our outreach programs Ė Grace to Go, Backpack Buddies, Loudoun Interfaith, etc. These are tangible ways that my kids can see how to give back some of the grace that we have received. Each of these experiences has been a labor of love. Each has taught me a great deal about myself, my faith and this faith community.

In 2015, I had the honor of filling a partial term on the Vestry. It was my privilege to serve as Junior Warden and chair the committee on Stewardship. I feel that we accomplished a lot last year and with Godís grace, I feel I have grown spiritually. I look forward to rolling up my sleeves and doing more this year. Why? The answer is simply because I love this place. I have a strong commitment to this community and knowledge of how to get things done here. I feel called to do Godís work here because this is my church home.

Outside of my roles here, I am also a wife and mother. No other role will ever be as important as the role of leading these two girls to be engaged citizens and women of faith. I view everything I do here for St. David's to be a part of that. In my career, I am an IT professional. I hold a DOD clearance and work for a government contractor in Arlington. My primary focus is on Information Assurance/IT processes as well as needs analysis, requirements definition and project implementation. Each of these areas requires skill in communications and collaboration in a team environment.

God willing, I hope to continue to use these skills in service to the Vestry here at St. David's. Thank you and peace be with you.

ImageKatherine Beckett-Goodwin
Jr. Warden
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This is my fifth year serving on St. Davidís Vestry. I served a 2-year partial term in 2012-13 and was elected to a full 3-year term in 2014. I served two years as Senior Warden in 2013 and 2014, and am honored to serve as Jr. Warden in my last year on the Vestry in 2016. We have accomplished a great deal over that time on several very active initiatives including defining our parish direction, revising and communicating the vision, implementing periodic parish updates between the annual meetings, year-round stewardship, intentional messaging/marketing initiatives, staff re-alignment, updating the next three-year strategic plan and more. My volunteer and professional experiences, as well as my organizational and communications skills, have been a positive asset to the group. In this place where lives are transformed through Christ, I am grateful to contribute to the Vestry leadership team of St. Davidís.

I began coming to St. Davidís in 1999 with my husband, Rich, when Fr. Stephen McWhorter gleefully greeted us and remembered our names the following Sundays thereafter. It was such a refreshing, positive experience of Godís love and intent for our lives! I volunteered on the first ďcommunications teamĒ with Dwight Zscheile, held a church staff position for a year under Fr. Stephen (while pregnant with my son,) and have volunteered and participated in various capacities over the last 14 years (cottage meetings, budgeting exercises, strategy discussions, Ministry Fair with Mary Kay, Web site implementations, Vestry, etc.) I co-created, structured and then co-led for three years the Communications Ministry, which supported over 30 ministries and continue to take photos at services for the Web site.

My son attended St. Davidís Preschool for two years, and I volunteered as Co-President and then President of the Parents of Preschools (POPS - parent board) those two years. I also co-chaired the annual Preschool Auctions and chaired the communications committee for two years. The auction is the preschoolís largest fundraiser for scholarships and extra educational student activities, and we raised as much money with a picnic silent auction as we did with a formal dinner live/silent auction with less cost, time and logistics. Following my tenure on the POPS Board, I was honored to be asked to serve on the Preschool Board of Directors, of which I am now in my sixth year of service.

Education and professional experience: I have a Bachelorís of Science in Business Administration, majoring in Marketing from Auburn University (War Eagle!) My background includes being on both sides of corporate technology and PR agency marketing positions (from print advertising, brochures, Web sites, publishing, Public Relations campaigns, etc.) to the business side of running a services business as Chief Operating Officer (overseeing client services, operations/finance/admin, HR, etc.) After 13 years, I made the decision to stop working full time in 2004 to focus on family, welcomed our son, Connor, into our family in 2005, and in 2006 went to work part time for a little over a year as the Vice President, Operations for a fast growing $10M Web application services/software firm. For the past eight years I have been doing finance, administration and operations consulting part time for a social media marketing firm in Tysons Corner. I am also serving as the PTA President at Dominion Trail Elementary in Ashburn and wrap up my 2-year term on the PTA Board in June 2016.

My son is now 10 years old (and keeps me busy, amazed and grounded,) and Rich and I will celebrate our 19 year wedding anniversary in May 2016.

This is a really exciting time at St. Davidís and I have been honored to serve on the Vestry as we move forward to support what God has called us to do here. Thank you for this opportunity to serve St. Davidís.

ImageSharon Easley
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My husband Richard and I began attending St. Davidís in the fall of 1996. At that time we were worshipping in what is now the pre-school. What is interesting about St. Davidís is that there were so many parallels between the Episcopal Church we attended in Georgetown Texas (where we were married) and St. Davidís. Both churches started out as missions with small congregations where we all knew each other, experienced the growing pains of becoming a Parish, built a new church building, and several others which I wonít mention here. The most important similarity between St. Davidís and Grace Episcopal Church was the way we felt the very first time we attended. In both cases we came to one service, felt something very special from the people we met, and stayed and became part of the church family which included serving as well as attending.

My education and experience is quite varied. I graduated from the University of Texas with a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Biology and Psychology and double minors in Chemistry and Zoology. Iíve taken just about every Biology and Psychology class that there is. I worked in the Healthcare Industry for major companies Prudential and Blue Cross Blue Shield and also served as an executive assistant to high level executives at two firms in Washington DC. For almost 15 years now I have been working for my husband in his transportation consulting firm. In addition to research and writing, program and project management, etc. for our clients; I am also the office manager, the human resources coordinator, the bookkeeper, the IT manager, and whatever else needs to be done.

My husband Richard and I were part of the first class of St. Davidís Shepherd group leaders, when the program first started at St. Davidís, and we have participated in the small group bible study ever since. I have served St. Davidís in many capacities over the years including serving as an usher and coordinating the usher schedule for several years, co-leader of the Communications ministry for several years, served on St. Davidís 20th Anniversary Celebration committee, ministry team and mission team member of the El Hogar and Bromley international ministries for over ten years, and the ministry leader for the Salvation Army Apple Tree and Holiday Coalition Angle Tree for several years. I have served with many of you here at St. Davidís and my work with you, and our serving others, richly blesses me. My husband Richard and I regularly participate in the 10:45 service and sometimes at the 9:00 when we donít sleep in.

I hope that my years of experience serving at St. Davidís is a testament to my dedication to this church, the parishioners, and those that we serve both locally and internationally. Probably the most important skill that I bring to the Vestry from a professional experience standpoint is that I know how to get a great deal of things done with not a lot of resources - which we have had to do from time to time here at St. Davidís. Thank God for the Internet-(mostly)! While working for Richard Iíve had to figure out how to do a great many things that I hadnít necessarily done before; but the business is going on year 18 so we must be doing something right. Working for a small firm you need to be prepared to do whatever needs to be done, and I feel the same way about serving on St. Davidís Vestry. Iím prepared to do what is needed, and if Iím not the most knowledgeable about it Iíll do the research to gain the knowledge I need.

Why did I choose to server on Vestry at this time (2015-2017)? Iíve been asked to run for Vestry several times over the years, and each of those times, after prayerful consideration, I said no. This time I felt in my heart that it was time. I take to heart the scripture which says ďto whom much is given much is required.Ē I have been unbelievably, and undeservedly, blessed in my life. I am so grateful to God for these many blessings. Worshiping here at St. Davidís is most certainly one of them. The best way that I know how to say thank you is to serve God in whatever capacity he may call me. Serving on the Vestry is a very serious commitment; it involves accepting responsibility for guiding the course of St. Davidís over a three year term. I strive to seek and understand the will of God and to put that before my personal wants when making decisions put before the vestry. I also welcome input from parishioners as their representative on the Vestry. I do promise however that I will do my best to keep St. Davidís the most special and remarkable place that it is. Thank you. Sharon Easley

ImageMike Gibson
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My name is Mike Gibson, and I currently serve on the Vestry at St. Davidís. I live in Ashburn with my 2 beautiful daughters, Holly (15) and Kelly (14), and we are blessed to call St. Davidís our church home.

I believe in service, commitment and giving back to others in all aspects of my life. Here at St. Davidís, I currently serve as Youth Leader, Service Leader for the Brotherhood of St. Andrews, and member of the Prayer Team. I am active in outreach, and I support other ministries whenever and wherever I can (including Junior Daughters of the King which my daughters belong to).

To me, service is not about being recognized for what you do. Itís not about getting credit. Itís not about getting a pat on the back. Itís about lifting others up. Itís about supporting the mission. Itís about giving back selflessly. Itís about doing the right thing. Itís about looking for ways to impact those around you in a positive way. Itís about changing lives.

I have worked for the same worldwide hotel company for 30 years, and I have experience and expertise managing and working with people, organizational processes, budgets, forecasts, strategic planning, customer service, communications, employee satisfaction and conflict resolution. I am active and have held leadership positions in various industry trade associations, including President of a local chapter of the Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International. I currently serve on the Board of Directors for the Goose Creek Village Homeownerís Association, a 656 home community in Ashburn. As Treasurer, I am responsible for developing and managing a $575,000 annual community budget. I have served on the Board of Directors of 2 other Homeownerís Associations in Ashburn, holding various positions including President, Vice President and Treasurer.

There is so much that our St. Davidís community has done to serve the Lord, serve our members, and serve our community, and so much more that we want to do! There are vast untapped synergies that exist among members and ministries, and I am blessed and humbled to be able contribute my experience, my energy, my passion, my vision, and my commitment to the St. Davidís family.


ImageJerry Hayes
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Hello, St. Davidís. My name is Jerry Hayes and I am running for vestry. My wife Lisa and I have been married for over 20 years and have been blessed with two great kids: our son Kyle, a sophomore at Virginia Tech studying Civil Engineering and our daughter and future nurse Kelly, a junior at Briar Woods High School.

My family and I set roots in Ashburn back in 2000. We discovered St. Davidís while "church shopping" and we immediately felt a connection with Father Stephen McWhorter and his ďfootball sermons.Ē For the most part, however, we were just pew sitters who werenít really involved.

My childhood was dramatically different from the lifestyle that most families in Loudoun County are accustomed to. My family did not have a lot of money and we moved frequently because my father moved from job to job. Throughout all of our struggles, my mother was our rock! She was the responsible one who held the family together. She was also the one who instilled a strong faith in her children, taking us to Sunday school and church every week at the local Baptist church. In high school, I was lucky enough to have a teacher who took a vested interest in me and encouraged me to go to college. I know now that God played a strong part in this and I am incredibly blessed to say that I am a first generation college graduate. I received my Bachelorsí Degree in Computer Science from Virginia Tech and, eventually, my Masterís Degree in Information Systems Technology from George Washington University.

My "aha moment" came in December 2005, when Claudia Castro visited us from Honduras and spoke to the parish about her work at El Hogar. Her message came to me at a time when I was searching for a way to give back.

Like good stewards of the manifold grace of God, serve one another with whatever gift each of you has received. Whoever speaks must do so as one speaking the very words of God; whoever serves must do so with the strength that God supplies, so that God may be glorified in all things through Jesus Christ. To him belong the glory and the power forever and ever. Amen. - 1 Peter 4:10-11

I knew that God had blessed me with the talent and initiative to rise above my upbringing and I felt compelled to help others. I asked God for guidance, and he answered through Claudia. I immediately signed up for the trip to Honduras. El Hogar was a life-changing event for me and I became an active member of the St. Davidís community.

As I became more involved with church activities, I gravitated toward St. Davidís Outreach ministries. One of my goals as a father was to teach my kids the value of service to others and to realize that most people do not live like we do here in Loudoun County. Just as I did, my family answered the call. My son Kyle has attended REACH for 6 years, my daughter Kelly for 5, and my wife for 4. My son Kyle has also traveled to Honduras with the El Hogar Mission Team.

Since joining St. Davidís, I have served in the following roles:

  • Usher / Greeter Coordinator
  • St. Davidís Technical/Sound team
  • El Hogar Mission Trip - 4 mission trips to Tegucigalpa, Honduras
  • Reach WorkCamps Mission Trip Ė 5 mission trips to West Virginia, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, and New York
  • Mission Lead for El Hogar (2009) and Reach WorkCamps Mission Teams (2010-2013)
  • Member of Father Kevin's Shepherd Group Leader Training Group
  • Shepherd Group Leader for 6 years
  • Graduate of Crown Financial Ministries

In my professional career, I currently serve as a Senior Technical Manager and Lead Engineer in support of a team of 50 engineers. I believe that my job experience allows me to effectively multi-task, manage multiple projects and work well in a team-oriented environment.

I am deeply honored to be nominated for Vestry. I believe this is a natural progression in my Christian growth and I want to help the St. Davidís community through my leadership and service. Thank you for your consideration.

ImageJanie Jones
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I am Janie Jones, and I am honored to be nominated to serve on St. Davidís vestry. My husband Conrad and I have been married for 34 years and have two sons (Cort, 30 and Patrick, 27). Weíve lived in Ashburn Village since moving here in early 1999. In our search for a new church home, God led us to St. Davidís later that summer. Iíve shared with many of you the story of how we were led to find St. Davidís, and there is no doubt it was Godís plan for us to be here.

I was raised in Warsaw, Va. in a loving Christian home, and I was a member of Warsaw Baptist Church until I was confirmed in the Episcopal Church shortly after Conrad and I were married. My mom and dad both served as Deacons in the Baptist church while I was growing up and they remain active in that church today. They continue to be my inspiration.

In January of 2000, Fr. Stephen McWhorter, our founding Rector, asked me if I would join his staff and lead the Youth Ministry of St. Davidís. I felt God was calling me to serve, and with two teen sons and my passion for working with young people, I was thrilled to accept the offer. Over the next 5 years, the youth of St. Davidís exploded with energy. We published a monthly ďTeen TimesĒ newsletter, attended local Christian teen gatherings, sponsored needy families during the holidays, worked in the local soup kitchen and began having Youth Sundays at least once a year. One of my treasured memories was from 2001; with the support of the vestry, Fr. Stephen and several parents, we organized the very first REACH Mission trip for our youth. That year we took 7 senior high youth to Weston, WVa for one week of mission work. Over the next several years, those numbers grew to having over 60 youth and adults going on that mission. Itís so fulfilling to see we have continued this faith building mission trip for our young people for 14 continuous years!

In 2006, I was a part of the El Hogar mission trip to Honduras. I received so much more that week than I could have ever given. The opportunity to be with fellow parishioners and serve those who are in need is what our Outreach mission work is all about.

I also served on the Rector Search Committee for 9 months searching for a new Rector when Father Stephen announced his retirement. This opportunity was such a learning experience for me, to get a feel for what our church wanted for succeeding leadership and the selection process of a candidate to be brought forward to the vestry for calling.

I currently serve on our Welcoming Team, knowing it to be such an important ministry. Greeting new visitors coming to St. Davidís searching for a new church home, and making them feel the sense of welcoming community we have here is critical. God wants us to share our love of Him with others, and welcoming new visitors is one way we can show our love and do our work for Christ.

Professionally, I have been in customer service for over 20 years. The past 8 years, I have been blessed to work at the Ashburn Village Sports Pavilion in Front Desk Administration. The Sports Pavilion is managed by WTS International which manages over 75 other facilities worldwide. In 2010, I received the WTS International Basics To Excellence Award for my performance at AVSP. I love my work there, and the awesome people I come in contact with every day...plus I get to exercise Ė one of my favorite things!

If elected to serve on our vestry, I pledge a high level of commitment to serving our church. Iíll continue my service on the Welcoming Team and any vestry committees as needed. I feel we are here not only to seek continuity, but embrace change. To discern with Rev. Mary Kay and the vestry what our parish is called to do and have prudent oversight of that work, and of course, always seeking Godís guidance in our work.

ImageDave Schmidt 2016
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My involvement at St. Davidís: I have been an active member of the St. Davidís community since July 1995. Since October 2010, I have enjoyed the privilege of serving as the Treasurer here at St. Davidís, working alongside our CFO, clergy, Vestry, and many others, and I served as a Vestry member from 2012 through 2015. My wife Jenna and I were married in December 2011 by our amazing spiritual leader, Reverend Mary Kay Brown, and our son Matthew was baptized by Reverend Mary Kay and Father Johnson in May 2014. These are two of the many blessings we have enjoyed with our St. Davidís family.

Personal / Professional Accomplishments related to my service on the Vestry: I have been a practicing Episcopalian (and very involved in the church) my entire life. As a young adult, I participated in the Young Peopleís Fellowship (YPF, a ministry designed for the youth of the parish) and as an acolyte for many years. I served on the Vestry (at Saint Davidís Episcopal Church in Gales Ferry, CT). I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and appreciate the privilege to serve all of you, and our broader community, in this capacity at St. Davidís.

I have an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and an MBA from the Wharton School. I served in our nationís nuclear submarine force for 6 years to begin my career. Since then, Iíve held executive positions at several outstanding organizations, among them Pearson, Gateway, and AOL. I believe that my background and education will serve me well on the Vestry. I feel that I would bring a strong sense of perspective, balance, and financial acumen to our church leadership team.

Why Iím serving on Vestry: I very much want to expand my Christian leadership in our church. I see my time on the Vestry as an opportunity to serve God, His Christian community, and each one of you.

My Vestry priorities: Continue to evolve and improve our Christian faith community, including the following: (1) continue our investment in, and recognition of, outstanding leadership for our church, (2) maintain and nurture a strong Christian foundation among our children and young adults, the future of our parish community, (3) support a strong financial framework for our church, and (4) build upon our momentum in spreading Godís word, within our church, among other Christians, and among those who do not yet know Him.

I am honored and privileged to serve all of you in this capacity, as called by the Vestry in February 2016.

ImageNancy Whiting 2015-2017
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Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Iím a cradle Episcopalian who embraces a wide view of Godís love and has also worshipped and given service in churches of other denominations. I began worshipping at St. Davidís Episcopal Church during 1992 while transitioning from my urban life into retirement in the small Ashburn suburban community. My four adult children were living in four different states and we had three grandchildrenóthey now number six plus two great-grandchildren.

Church service. Baptized and confirmed in the church of my childhood, I taught Sunday School, enjoyed the young peopleís fellowship (YPF) group or working with the choir during my teenage years. Sadly, a fire destroyed the church, but several years later I joined St. Ann & The Holy Trinity and served on the vestry, finance committee and chaired two annual Episcopal Charities Appealsóan initiative of the Diocese of Brooklyn and Long Island. After the death of my husband in 1996, I began assisting Mt. Zion United Methodist Church in Leesburg serving out his unexpired term as finance chairman. I continued to come occasionally to St. Davidís to celebrate the Eucharist on Sunday or Wednesday at 6 a.m. The sanctuary was in Mercer Hall. We have come a long way with Godís help.

In December, 2003, Presiding Bishop Clayton Matthews received me at St. Davidís during the service of confirmation and reception and my Christian journey continues supported and strengthened through corporate worship, my Tuesday night Shepherd Group family for the past 7 Ĺ years and the warm friendships Iíve made and cherish at St. Davidís. It was an honor to serve on St. Davidís 20th Anniversary Committee as banquet arrangements lead for the event in 2010 and later that year as chair of St. Davidís Ministry Fair.

Professional experience. My career in education began at an Episcopal school as an early childhood teacher. I joined the New York City Public Schools System, where I taught in middle school, before moving into the Division of High Schools to teach high school English. Eventually I served as a high school principal and was named director, Office of High School Projects, with responsibility for program design and development of federal, state and private sector funding for 110+ schools with a budget that reached $80 million before retiring and moving to Virginia.


New York University, New York, New York, BS, MA, Ed.D.
I have served as adjunct faculty at Corazon Campus of New York University, Puerto Rico.

Community Service Affiliation. The Links, Incorporated. ďThe Links, Incorporated founded in 1946, is one of the oldest and largest volunteer service organizations of women who are committed to enriching, sustaining and ensuring the culture and economic survival of African Americans and other persons of African ancestry.Ē

A member since 1987, Iíve been privileged to serve as lead interior designer on the building renovation 2009-2011 upon completion of which the organization was awarded LEED Gold Ė Certification ĖLeadership in Energy & Environmental Design-- by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC), the first African American organization to receive that award.

If elected, I would like to focus on strengthening our financial condition and embracing stewardship as a core year-round principle. In addition, I would like to lend my background in music and the creative and performing arts to open a discussion on the arts at St. Davidís.

Thank you for the opportunity to introduce myself.


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