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9:00 AM Contemporary Eucharist Service

This service celebrates the power of God at work in the life of children. Energy, movement and laughter describe this experience best. Those who seek reverential silence will be surprised by the mood of this liturgy. "Make a joyful noise to the Lord," describes it best.  A congregation full of children excels at this commandment.

Worship encourages family life when the whole family feels truly involved. It supports parents in the spiritual formation of their children. Rather than demanding the children behave like little adults, it invites children to express their faith as children.

We project the words of the prayers and the songs on a screen to allows parents to hold children rather than paper. The music is accessible without being "childish." It touches child-like hearts while expressing adult faith. Children join the priest on the steps of the altar platform for the homily.

Children learn to pray in an environment that holds their attention and engages their imagination.

To meet the needs of adults, an adult sermon is delivered after the service has concluded. During that sermon, children participate in supervised play activities.


9:00 AM Worship Service

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